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Aquarium Decorations to Personalize Your Tank

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Not only are aquarium decorations functional, they are also a great way to add your own style to your aquarium. With so many aquarium decorations to choose from, you can easily create nearly any theme you can dream up, such as:

• Novelty themes
• Natural themes
• Fantastical themes

Before you set out to decorate your aquarium, you should have some kind of plan in mind – you do not have to have all the details in place, but you should have an idea of what kind of look you want to cultivate. Think about whether you want your tank to look natural or if you want to go for a novelty theme and choose your decorations accordingly.

Decorating your aquarium is only limited by your imagination. The aquarium decorations you use in your aquarium affect the way your tank looks and how your fish interact with the tank’s elements.
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Aquarium Decorations

Create an aquarium full of personality and style. Use aquarium decorations to enhance visual appeal and to provide shelter for your fish.

Manufactured Versus Organic Decorations

There are two types of aquarium decorations – manufactured and organic. Manufactured decorations are a staple in freshwater aquariums because they are inexpensive and easy to find. Some of the most commonly used manufactured decorations include:
  • Fake plants
  • Artificial rocks
  • Novelty items
Manufactured aquarium decorations are long lasting; they won’t rot like live plants and are easier to clean. There is more choice in colour and size when using manufactured decorations.
Organic aquarium decorations come from natural organisms and may be currently living. For example, a living organic decoration is a live plant and a non-living organic decoration is a rock. Living organic decorations provide you with the most realistic and interesting results. A downside to organic decorations is that they are harder to care for.

Decorate Your Aquarium Like a Pro

Have a plan in mind and consider the size and shape of your tank when picking aquarium decorations. You might want to consider getting some kind of background for your tank, such as a picture or a simple backdrop. It will help hide equipment you may have in the back of your tank and will also keep anything else in the background hidden from your view.
Remember not to go overboard and try to vary the size of your aquarium decorations so that you fill the tank space effectively while leaving your fish plenty of room to swim. The way you decorate your tank is up to you and it should be a fun process.